The little things

It has been exactly a month since I returned home from Europe but I haven’t been able to sort through my photos or papers yet. My time has been occupied by some of the more mundane things in life; getting ready for school, picking up my books, working, grocery shopping, and buying a Jeep. Alright, the last one was anything but ordinary, it was actually quite a big deal.

I sold my car a year and a half ago and have been a scooter only girl since. My husband has a car I used during bad weather but if he needed it I was on my own. This has not been a big deal since I work only two miles from home and only have to make the fifteen mile journey to school twice a week. Now I have a car to get me around when I need it and take me places I want to visit but need to camp. I am already planning a trip to Yosemite, I have never been there despite how close it is to where I live.

With the beginning of school almost upon me (tomorrow!), my focus has been on little adventures close to home. A scooter picnic, walking the Golden Gate bridge, visiting the local zoo, a trip to Old Sacramento and Discovery Park. Today’s trip is a double feature at the movie theatre, a program for showing artistic and independent films. I am most excited about a movie called “To Rome with Love”. It has been a very long time since I went to the movies, popcorn is mandatory!

I am going to try to go through some photos tonight, if I do I will make sure to post an album.


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