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Dublin in photos

I have finally begun sorting some photos. Here are a few of my favorites:

This is a photo looking out of one of the windows inside the James Joyce Centre, into a courtyard that contains the door of No. 7 Eccles St, which he wrote about in Ulysses. When that house was set to be destroyed, some enthusiasts saved it. The house the centre is located in was built in 1784.

This was our home for three days, along with fourteen other people. It was very quiet, our bunk was to the very far left and cannot be seen in this photo, right by a big window that was left open so the breezes could keep us cool while we slept. The hostel was located just a few doors down from the James Joyce Centre on North Great George’s Street.

One of the many pubs I admired, and that Dublin is famous for. I loved the bright facades and hand painted signs.

The Dublin zoo was very interesting, there were so many different animals to see and the habitats had great views. These are a type of rodent called a Mara. They are native to Argentina and Paraguay.

Here I am at the Jameson Distillery after doing a whiskey sampling. This was first thing in the morning, so Heather and I decided to head right over to the Guinness Storehouse right after and make the most of the day.

This is a newer section of Dublin castle, rebuilt in after the great fire in sixteen eighty four burned down most of the medieval castle. There is still a section of the medieval castle standing, the Records Tower, built in the thirteenth century (a picture of it is on my Big Realities page).
A window, showing a glimpse of the Dubh Linn Garden, just outside the castle.
A street in the Temple Bar area. There were many narrow streets like this one, filled with cafes, restaurants and pubs.


The Christchurch cathedral, a beautiful sprawling church full of history, was orginally founded in 1022 by Vikings. It broke my heart to hear the the eight hundred year old preserved heart of Laurence O’Toole had been stolen from the cathedral only months prior. We were able to see the tomb of Strongbow though.


The Golden Gate crossing

My trip to San Francisco was wonderful; the weather couldn’t have been better. We drove to the closest BART station, about an hour and a half away from home. From there, we took the transit to Embarcadero and hopped on a streetcar to Fisherman’s Wharf. After a delicious lunch at Boudin’s, we finally took a bus to the bridge.

It was my first time seeing the bridge without only driving across it, I did not realize its enormity until I was standing there, right in front of it and staring at the massive cables strung across it. We walked along, taking photographs, watching sailboats and parasails and enjoying the sunshine. Midway through our trip across we watched a huge freight ship cross underneath us and head to sea. I had to laugh when I saw that it was named the William Shakespeare. We also had the opportunity to see a helicopter fly under, then back over the bridge, possibly a sight-seeing tour.

After our long walk, we grabbed a bus back to BART and headed for home. I don’t think we could have picked a more beautiful afternoon to accomplish one of my little dreams!


A few of my favorite things

The smell of fresh roasted coffee. Check. My beautiful angel winged Vespa. Check. My faded leather messenger bag with my net book inside. Check. A boatload of homework. Coffee buzz kill.

I am at Peet’s coffee getting some homework done before work, not really fun but I do love this place. I have a yummy black coffee and an eight hour battery life on my net book, making me almost unstoppable. Except for having to go to work that is. Another buzz kill.


I am going to San Francisco tomorrow to tackle one of my little dreams, walking the Golden Gate bridge. Though I have been to the city more times than I can count, I have never walked the bridge. I have ridden across it on my scooter though! Dreaming and planning my next adventures helps break up the monotony of the daily routines I’m stuck with. I’ve been thinking of Egypt a lot recently, it’s time to hit the library!


The end of summer

It is the time of year again when eager students fill the hallways and quads seeking an education. Alright, maybe they are not exactly eager, I too am sad to see such a wonderful summer gone. Now it is back to work, school and very little play in between. One thing I enjoy about going to a JC is the diversity. I am not the only student who isn’t straight out of high school here, there are many others that are veterans to the community college life. Some exciting news ahead though- I have an appointment to see a counselor for my transfer. It is coming up soon!

I am very busy this semester between work and school. I am taking fourteen units; history, English literature, anthropology and intermediate French! Since I will be on the go, I found some amazing apps to improve my on campus blogging. The most important one is Phonto, an app which allows me to put any font I like on my pictures right from my phone.


I must quit daydreaming now and head for my English literature class, I’m almost late. C’est la vie!