The end of summer

It is the time of year again when eager students fill the hallways and quads seeking an education. Alright, maybe they are not exactly eager, I too am sad to see such a wonderful summer gone. Now it is back to work, school and very little play in between. One thing I enjoy about going to a JC is the diversity. I am not the only student who isn’t straight out of high school here, there are many others that are veterans to the community college life. Some exciting news ahead though- I have an appointment to see a counselor for my transfer. It is coming up soon!

I am very busy this semester between work and school. I am taking fourteen units; history, English literature, anthropology and intermediate French! Since I will be on the go, I found some amazing apps to improve my on campus blogging. The most important one is Phonto, an app which allows me to put any font I like on my pictures right from my phone.


I must quit daydreaming now and head for my English literature class, I’m almost late. C’est la vie!


One response to “The end of summer

  1. That’s a lot of units! U will b busy indeed. Hope u find time for the Midnight Ryders…..there may b cider involved….. I’m just sayin….

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