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A few of my favorite things

The smell of fresh roasted coffee. Check. My beautiful angel winged Vespa. Check. My faded leather messenger bag with my net book inside. Check. A boatload of homework. Coffee buzz kill.

I am at Peet’s coffee getting some homework done before work, not really fun but I do love this place. I have a yummy black coffee and an eight hour battery life on my net book, making me almost unstoppable. Except for having to go to work that is. Another buzz kill.


I am going to San Francisco tomorrow to tackle one of my little dreams, walking the Golden Gate bridge. Though I have been to the city more times than I can count, I have never walked the bridge. I have ridden across it on my scooter though! Dreaming and planning my next adventures helps break up the monotony of the daily routines I’m stuck with. I’ve been thinking of Egypt a lot recently, it’s time to hit the library!